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Finding the Best
Attracting and retaining outstanding school board members.
Joseph M. Cronin, Richard H. Goodman, and William G. Zimmerman Jr.
American School Board Journal, Mar 2004
Memo to New Board Members
Staying focused on student achievement is the hardest part of the job.
Marc Ward
American School Board Journal, Jun 2004
Why Board Culture Matters
Allowed to go unchecked, boardroom dysfunction will erode the public's trust.
Linda J. Dawson and Randy Quinn
American School Board Journal, Sep 2004
The Eternal Question
How can school boards improve?
Craig Colgan
American School Board Journal, Jun 2004
Five Habits of High Impact School Boards Doug Eadie
Rowman & Littlefield Education
ISBN: 1-57886-176-4
Eight Keys to an Extraordinary Board-Superintendent Partnership Doug Eadie
Scarecrow Education
ISBN: 1-57886-016-4
The Board Savvy Superintendent Paul Houston and Doug Eadie
Scarecrow Education
ISBN: 0-8108-4470-2
Education Myths
What Special-Interest Groups Want You to Believe about our schools-and why it isn't so
Jay P. Greene & Marcus A. Winters
Rowman & Littlefield Education
ISBN: 0-7425-4977-1
National Review