Parkland/Brookside PTA

The Parent-Teacher Association of Parkland-Brookside school hopes that each parent will become involved in the education of their children. We, as parents, have so much to contribute and the schools need our support and willingness to help. Parent involvement is essential to quality education and the future of our children.

If you would be interested in helping with any of these activities, a volunteer sheet is sent home in September. September is National PTA month. We look forward to your membership. Please join us and become a member of your school's PTA!

bulletTo view the Proposed ByLaws for the Parkland/Brookside PTA, click here. (99Meg in size)
bulletClick here to get a Parkland/Brookside PTA Funding Request form (Adobe Reader required)
bulletClick here to get the 2005 Volunteer sheet.


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